how we came to be...

In 2011, SOVA was born from three seasoned musicians (James Mehl, Michael Palais, Chad Norley).  Based in the greater Seattle area, the three created a rock-based landscape of sound; tinged with psychedelia, punk, and blues.  In early 2018, soulful lead vocalist, Terry Hartness, was added to the line-up.  This addition shot the band full of adrenaline, to bring it to a new sonic level.  SOVA's sound is self-recorded, mixed, and produced, using a variety of traditional and experimental techniques. The SOVA live experience will take you on a sonic roller coaster, ranging from subtle moments to burning guitar chords & thumping bass/drums. Soul-infused vocal melodies glide over the top and present modern issues and life messages.


Michael Palais - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter


Chad Norley - Drums, Percussion, Lyricist


James Mehl - Bass, Vocals, Lyricist, Production


Terry Hartness - Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Lyricist