by Sova

Released 2019
Released 2019
This album was written over the course of five years. Many of the songs were conceived, then changed time and time again until they seemed to work best for the listener. All recording and production was done by James Mehl and the band in their recording studio in Kenmore, WA (near Seattle).


by Sova

Released 2015
Released 2015
Debut full album from Seattle's modern retro-rock pop trio that takes you on a ride from start to finish! Fantastic multi-style guitar blindsides you with a plethora of styles, while super-solid guitar and bass complement the bluesy rock vocals.
Our time on Earth is relatively short. And three years is a long time to write a rock album. But if you want every song to stand on it's own, you don't rush it. "SunSplash" was born out of three good friends projecting their lives through music and ignoring popular trends. SOVA invites you to listen to the album from start to finish and experience the ride, SOVA-style


The lyrics for this song were started in November 2016 and finished early September 2018


Look at you,
All dressed up with your
cruel point of view
You say that you'll
Build a wall
Turn back the clock on a nation

Easy to see
how the power seems to
come from the greed
You feed on the
bottom feeders
To become their new sensation

All hands on deck   CHORUS
Your ship is sinking
You better believe
It's goin' down

A joke it seemed
until they followed with a
Red wave of extreme
It seems that
History Repeats Itself
But we will reverse the degradation

The dirty mess
will become clean
when we turn the tide
and fill it all with
blue in between

Cause you know that
bad power that rises
will always sink in the end
...sink in the end